D-VIEW medical display products unveiled 66th Medical Fair in Fuzhou

  • Time: 2011-11-23 16:32:00
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October 31, 2011 - November 3, 2009, the 66th China International Medical Equipment Fair Autumn (CMEF) in Fuzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center was held. D-VIEW participants sent a huge lineup, demonstrated to the industry's most sophisticated medical display products and display solutions. In the course of the four-day exhibition, D-VIEW booth, product information to the staff of attendees flocked.

Medical Equipment Fair (CMEF) is the world's second Asia-Pacific region's largest medical equipment and related products, services, exhibitions, is also China's largest medical industry trade platform for professional medical procurement, specialized information centers and academic, technical exchange platform. As in the previous show concern exhibitors, D-VIEW seize this unprecedented business exchange platform, during the exhibition, spared no effort to display a variety of high-end, sophisticated, classic medical display products: medical monochrome and color display 3MP, 5MP monochrome; medical monitors 42 inches, 19.6 inches; B super 15 inches touch display products and many other products. Also forward to consult experts and dealers show D-VIEW-end products - 42 inches and 15 inches touch medical monitors B-display products. D-VIEW The demonstration display products covering medical and hospital equipment section shows various aspects of the program, in terms of product display, exterior design to ease of operation, from the Department of Radiology, Medical B ultrasound diagnosis of the operating room dedicated to the integration of R & D has a full range of display solutions designed exhibition, demonstration, and program planning, direct and comprehensive services in the medical display products and display solutions.

During the exhibition, came to the D-VIEW experts and dealers have many hundreds, many experts on our medical display products quite sure, there are many experts in comparison with a number of display products, display products that Germany is the best results. Many dealers are also very optimistic about the new and old my company's products and market prospects, and D-VIEW strong intention to cooperate, the company negotiate a warm seat back-office