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  • Time: 2011-12-23 16:32:00
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December 20, 2011, D-VIEW participated in by the China Medical Imaging Technology Research Advisory Committee sponsored the "2012 Beijing Medical Imaging New Year Fellowship." D-VIEW carry 2MP monochrome medical display, 3MP color medical monitors attended the meeting. Participating in the most intuitive way to attract a large number of medical imaging specialists and hospital doctors of great interest.

In this New Year's Association, the participating enterprises have Philips, Siemens, Shimadzu, blue rhyme, Locks, Rayco and other famous enterprises. D-VIEW dominated by products, corporate culture exhibition, supplemented by the description of the company's product development advantages. Before the meeting began, the Air Force General Hospital Department of Radiology ZHANG Wan Officer and Beijing Union Medical College Hospital Imaging Center of Jin Zhengyu director came to Germany for the booth carefully watched the exhibits, consult the relevant technical issues, praised Germany for the product in a very exquisite, showing very have an advantage. Other imaging experts to attend meetings and hospital doctors came to Germany for the video product, consult the product performance and price and other related issues, appreciates D-VIEW medical display than the hospital is using foreign brand products display effect more precisely, to distinguish higher rate of D-VIEW products to give a high evaluation.

D-VIEW products to win the participant's attention, participants also touched in the form of other enterprises. Participants came to imaging experts and doctors nearly 100 people, all of the D-VIEW has an intuitive understanding of the product, while a new understanding of domestic products. The upgrade of the German Association of the New Year is the influence of video products, making more imaging experts, doctors have the opportunity to complete, in-depth understanding of the D-VIEW products, technologies and services.