D-VIEW Yizhuang research and production base perfect ending ceremony

  • Time: 2011-09-27 11:38:00
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September 20, 2011, D-VIEW Serious research and production base in Beijing Economic Development Project (Yizhuang) Branch Chong thirteen Street held a grand ceremony. Economic and Technological Development Zone, the leaders, construction units, design units, supervision units, the company's major customers, suppliers and employees attended the ceremony.

September 20 morning, Beijing Economic Development Area (Yizhuang) Branch Chong thirteen Street East a broad effect on the construction site will be driving a red arches, the central site to build a podium, podium huge background board Printing with red festive variation pattern that says "Germany for the future of science and technology · Display - D-VIEW Serious research and production base in the ceremony," two lines of characters. Rostrum positive central site, one black red carpet together around the foundation stone. Entire ceremony filled with festive atmosphere.

9:30 am, ceremony invited guests came from all directions, to participate in this important moment!

10:30 am, the official groundbreaking ceremony was held. Moderator invited guests admission ceremony, invited guests in a warm applause followed to the podium. Germany general manager Yang Dewen first speech to show, in his speech, he spoke highly of the research and production bases Yizhuang a milestone - "D-VIEW research and production base under construction, means that the company's growth into a new phase , means that the company's ability to meet customer needs will be greatly improved, which means employees will get more and greater opportunity and platform to realize their dreams. "Then, Beijing six Construction Group Co., Ltd., general manager and Sharp Electronics (Shanghai ) General Manager has speech to Germany to show the development of the meaning of the expression of admiration.

11:10, D-VIEW General Manager Yang Dewen and Economic and Technological Development Zone leaders first rostrum, came foundation stone next to a symbol of good luck training into the first shovel of soil, instant, applause, music sounded, the whole ceremony into a festive climax.

The sound of the applause and music, D-VIEW Serious research and production base perfect ending ceremony, which marked the official opening of the project to build the soil, D-VIEW Display Technology Co., Ltd. will open a new chapter.