D-VIEW attended 68th CMEF products show strong competitiveness

-- D-VIEW debut 68th CMEF

  • Time: 2012-10-31 16:32:00
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 October 18, 2012 to 21, the 68th China International Medical Equipment Fair in Chengdu Century City International Convention and Exhibition Centre, D-VIEW portable professional medical display products exhibited at the Medical Fair, shows Germany for medical imaging display , endoscopic surgery and some ultrasound monitor display customized products, while the D-VIEW newly developed products for the highlight.

D-VIEW newly developed monochrome and color 2MP, 3MP medical monochrome and color video display with LED backlight, 14-bit LUT performance computing technology, ultra-high brightness and exquisite designs, which attracted the attention of many customers, and some customers expressed their intention to cooperate. Meanwhile, Germany is also showing a new generation of endoscopic surgery Monitor series, the product uses a high-performance LED-backlit LCD panel, with rich ring into the ring signal interface, with accurate color reproduction capability, has been visiting customers alike. 

"D-VIEW focus on product development, product excellent results, the applicability of high future growth potential, is the ideal partner", a medical device company technical director, said of Germany for. "Image displays fine, clear, color display accurate, reasonably priced, very good," a medical device company buyers Germany for evaluation endoscopic surgery Monitor said.

D-VIEW has been focusing on the technical content, putting a lot of effort in product research and development, in recent years, Germany was in product development has made rapid development, not only has a complete product line, but also in FPGA technology, 14-bit LUT performance computing technology, ultra-high resolution display technology breakthroughs in the field. Future, D-VIEW will ensure R & D investment while increasing market investment, and strive to fight the Medical D-VIEW leading brand within the display area.

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