2013-07-25 16:07:55position vacant:Account Manager

  • Recruitment Requirement: Responsibilities:
    1, To assist in developing the company's annual marketing plan;
    2, reached a monthly plan to develop;
    3, Complete the personal sales tasks;
    4, Open up new markets for medical display products;
    5, The development company's existing product corresponds to the customers and expand existing product marketing model;
    6, Is responsible for establishing mechanisms for market analysis, dynamic monitoring, collecting, analyzing and organizing market information, market research report writing;
    7, tracking industry market and technology trends, forecast new product development;
    8, To carry out customer development activities, establishing and maintaining customer relationships, development cooperation projects;
    9, Responsible for product tracking, problem solved.
    1, College degree or above (marketing, medical or electronic related);
    2, With a strong organization, coordination, communication, execution and team management skills;
    3, Skilled use of office software;
    4, With good spoken and written language skills;
    5, 2 years of market development and sales experience.
  • Recruiting Numbers:2
  • Hr

2013-07-25 16:05:29position vacant:Test Engineer

  • Recruitment Requirement: Responsibilities:
    1, Responsible for product testing and validation;
    2, Responsible for the selection of materials testing and validation;
    3, Responsible for testing and preparation of relevant documents;
    4, Responsible for product testing standards and norms in the preparation;
    5, To assist the electrical design, test, product certification and so on.
    1,Electronic or related undergraduate degree or above
    2, There are more than 2 years working experience in electronic product testing
    3, Familiar with the use of relevant test equipment
    4, Familiar with electronic product-related testing standards and test specifications;
    5, Display products testing experience preferred.
  • Recruiting Numbers:1
  • Hr

2013-07-25 16:01:30position vacant:Maintenance Engineer

  • Recruitment Requirement: Responsibilities:
    1, Solid management and maintenance account for;
    2, The daily LCD defective detection.
    1, Skilled use of computers, use of office software, ERP;
    2, There is experience in the electronics industry;
    3, There have been testing or librarian experience preferred;
    4, Work carefully;
  • Recruiting Numbers:1
  • Hr