Manufacturing Center Description:

D-VIEW manufacturing center was put into production in May of 2010.

The manufacturing center covers production planning, procurement planning, production operations, process technology, quality control, and maintenance, warehousing and other functions. Covering incoming inspection, product testing, assembly testing, aging, packaging, maintenance, process control, production of a full range of warehousing and logistics operations. The manufacturing center is equppied with a up-to-date hardware foundation, professional equipment, medical products, automotive products throughout the on-line operation, on-line testing, on-line aging, on-line debugging, on-line packaging.

To improve the image calibration accuracy of medical displays, other image displays, and ultrasound equipment, we've equiped the darkroom. 

The manufacturing center meet the international ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO13485 and other quality system strictly audit certification, and these international standards as a center of conduct, management basis.

D-VIEW is a corporation in the Beijing BDA, covering an area of ​​more than 40 acres with an expansion of a production research and development base, after the completion of the base will become a set of professional display product development and production as one of the large domestic production base.

Base settings:
One thousand clean rooms, new line for medical displays --- annual output of 100,000 units, automotive and industrial modules dedicated lines, professional regulation darkroom, with 2nd/3rd grade ESD design in whole plant, and shall 
put into use by November 2013.

Manufacturing Center Overview:
Plant components:
assembly lines, darkroom, aging room, testing room, maintenance room, welding, burning zone, warehouse

                Anti-static design                           Production line                        Debugging darkroom

Professional team consisting:
Craft workers: in the display industry with six years of production and technical guidance, process scheduling experience
Operator: At least 3 years experience in the display industry assembly operations
Commissioning: After rigorous training posts, and have two years of experience with calibration
Quality assurance personnel: With more than 5 years of QA, QC experience
Maintenance personnel: a 5-year experience in the repair and maintanence industry